Case Elenia

How to create a clear vision of how technology and business can be combined more effectively, and how technology and IT functions might best support organisation’s goals.

Business technology strategy helps to create a smooth dialogue between technology and business. With the help of interviews, charting of the current situation and an intensive series of workshops the new strategy can be developed effectively.

After creating the business technology strategy, Elenia can manage its actions and set out what will happen over the next 2 to 3 years. ?With a clear plan, the organisation will find it easy to move forward when its employees know where they are going.

Elenia‘s new business technology strategy will lead to a more strategic future

The electricity distribution company Elenia Oy handles the electricity supply of 430,000 customers in the regions of Kanta and P?ij?t-H?me, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland and Southern and Northern Ostrobothnia. The company wanted its IT functions and solutions to be more closely integrated with the strategic goals of its business operations. Together with Elenia, Sofigate built a practical business technology strategy, which has had a clear impact on the everyday activities of the company. It has been used to create general guidelines and priorities for development.

More strategic integration of digital solutions with business operations

As a forerunner of electricity distribution services in Finland, Elenia ensures that its customers’ everyday activities run smoothly. As a trailblazer, the company has developed several digital solutions such as a mobile service for monitoring electricity consumption, as well as text message notifications during outages and a real-time map service. While developing its digital services, Elenia is also renewing its 72,000 kilometre power grid with weather-proof underground cables. A total of 75 percent of Elenia’s power grid will comprise underground cabling by 2028.

With the energy sector undergoing continuous change, Elenia is clear about which business operations it should focus on and what its future priorities should be.

”Technology is ?part of our business, since it is continuously generating new opportunities for us. At the same time, we need to develop new, interesting solutions for our customers. For example, we need to be continuously alert to cyber security issues,” says Jenni Heinisuo, CIO at Elenia.

However, Elenia faced the challenge of creating a clearer vision of how technology and business can be combined more effectively, and how technology and IT functions might best support Elenia’s achievement of its goals…


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