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How can NCC reorganize its IT function so that IT could help develop the business side on a more strategical level while also providing services in a more cost-effective manner?

The existing 400 IT systems were combined into 50 IT services, each with their own service description and a service catalog.?Sofigate supported mapping and building the basic ITIL processes. An inclusive model of change management employed by Sofigate was the real cornerstone of NCC’s transformation process.


NCC’s IT function grew into a true partner and developer of the company’s business operations. This is the reason why the group no longer simply speaks of an IT unit, but instead uses the wider moniker ODIT – for Operations Development & IT. The transformation acted as a real mandate-builder for ODIT inside the group.


Nordic construction giant NCC decided to reorganize its IT function so that IT could help develop the business side on a more strategical level while also providing services in a more cost-effective manner. Consolidating five separate IT units from five different countries under one roof was not a simple task, but Sofigate helped NCC reach the goal in record time. Allowing the NCC staff to develop their skills through inclusion was key to successful consolidation.


Construction and property development corporation NCC operates in the Nordics and Russia. In 2016, the company decided to reorganize its operations based on business departments, instead of having separate country organizations. A year later NCC saw it fit to apply the same thinking to its IT organization and consolidate five individual group, country and business IT departments into a single IT and Development function.

“It is essential for the IT and business functions to act as equal partners. A unified IT function can support our business and strategy more efficiently than what was possible for five IT units, each operating from a different country. However, the most critical step in our transformation process was to make sure these five different IT organizations would learn a new, common mode of operation,” says Kari Kulotie, Head of IT Services and
Application Delivery at NCC Group.

To create this new organizational structure, NCC decided to partner up with Sofigate, as the business technology company had previously assisted NCC in other transformation projects on a Nordic level.

“Before this project, we had already formed a strong relationship with Sofigate, going back several years in Finland and in Sweden. They had taken part in developing practices and processes in our IT service management and initiated ServiceNow solutions for us. This is why we had confidence in their expertise in successfully executing IT transformation processes,” says Kulotie.

“Unfortunately, it is quite typical especially in large corporations for different departments and functions to develop a partitioned mindset and working practices. In NCC’s case the biggest challenge was the expected cultural change: how to guarantee that the entire organization would be committed to the new model as it transforms from a regional to a shared mode of operation,” says Karin S?derlind, Business Technology Senior Manager at Sofigate.

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