Business Core Renewal

We will renew your business core faster than anyone else in the market.

Renew your core to ensure
future success

We believe that agility and an ability to change is the key success factor for companies to survive in ever-changing business environment. We believe that the best possible competitiveness in the market is reached through skilled and motivated people, efficient working processes and best-in-class technology, and by continuously developing all these three factors. This is what we call business core.

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Renew rather than update

Small and midsized enterprises represent 95% of all enterprises, 70% of total employment and make a contribution of up to 60% to the GDP of OECD countries. According to Gartner’s research?the failure of MSEs to complete their digital transformation could, therefore, have sizeable repercussions for economics.

Our goal is to help our customers to implement their digital transformation through three successful steps:

  1. Have the business management engaged and committed to the renewal
  2. Plan the transformation together with the management
  3. Implement the change together with the entire organisation

We differentiate from the traditional ERP partners by leading the change from the business and human perspective, focusing on an?incremental and agile way of working and offering also help for running the new business core technology after the renewal is successfully implemented.


Stay alive and succeed

and ensure your position in the top of your industry ?– since not everyone will get there

Create a culture of continuous development

utilising Sofigate’s ready concepts, developed together with industry leading companies.


including people, processes and solutions.


Sofigate has hundreds of management, consulting, change and technology experts which our Business Core Renewal (BCR) teams collaborate with every day. We utilise our own concepts and best practices to deliver sustainable results to our customers.

Business Technology Design methodology is an integral part of Business Core Renewal delivery. It helps the transformation to succeed by ensuring the change is lead from the business perspective following the business capability requirements.

Organisational Change Management (OCM), a concept utilised in Sofigate’s Way of Working offering, helps our customer in managing and leading the people side of change. Our BCR teams collaborate with our change management experts to make sure that the people experiencing the change know and feel they are an essential part of our customer’s business core renewal.

Renewing the business core often leads to a need to renew also the business supporting core solutions. Our Customer Experience teams help to find the right fit technology for sales, marketing and customer service, taking care of system compatibility, integration and outstanding user experience.

When the business core has been renewed to fit the current and future needs, we can also help to run the rest of a company’s business technology. Our Business Technology E2E?teams use ready concepts and collaborate with the best service providers to ensure cost effective and scalable results.

Business Technology Standard Capability Model


Our Business Core Renewal frameworks, methodologies and baselines are developed with and based on the Business Technology Standard framework, which is an open source business technology management framework. The Business Technology Standard (and Sofigate’s related concepts) provide you and our BCR team with a common language and a fast and efficient decision making process.

Read how to organise and implement the elements by following Business Technology Standard. You can use it to assess your current state or as a reference model for your development program.

Move to BT Standard


SAP Business ByDesign is a Cloud Based ERP software designed for mid-market companies and subsidiaries who want the benefits of the large-scale business management applications without the need for a large IT infrastructure.

NetSuite is a world-leading cloud ERP suite utilised by over 40?000 companies. It fully supports and adapts to changes in your business.

Oracle HCM Cloud offers a large selection of support for core HR and talent acquisition to talent development processes. Oracle HCM cloud goes beyond the basics of HR increasing operational efficiency and enabling connectivity ?from any device.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a leading digital economy business suite. The innovative in-memory computing platform changes the value creation of enterprise software across industries. The platform links to Internet of Things, Big Data, and business and social networks natively and in real time.


Three cornerstones have always defined our work: people, practices and tools.

Today, as the pace of digitalization is accelerating, and companies are feeling overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of RPA and automation, it is important to have these cornerstones prioritized in the right order. Yes, companies do need to have the best tools and the finest proven practices – but the “people” aspect cannot come as a mere afterthought.

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